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    Randy Bocook

    O: 912-388-1714

    For over 20 years I have been working in real estate and I have never felt like I am at work. I believe having a passion in what you do is what makes every day so rewarding. Along the way in my real estate career I have met wonderful people, made lifelong friends and help start young families on a great path in life. From the first email to the first visit at my office you will know that I am here to tell you what I know and how to get you what you are looking for in a home and protect your future, the homes sell themselves. My real estate team today is the best I have ever had because we all share the most important goal which is bringing great service to our clients.

    I love living in the community I work in. We support local businesses and give back to everyone. I can see a client at my Children’s School, grocery store or ball game and they know I am truly happy to see them and continue the relationship beyond the closing of their home. Its funny I get excited when I see them on T.V. or in the paper, I say to my wife “ Hey look that’s my client!” Then I immediately text a picture or write them a note to let them know.

    I am glad real estate was the path chosen for me and that I have worked very hard to be very good at it so that my clients fully benefit in the home buying or selling experience. I take pride in answering my phone and always being available. Real estate really is a family business and I am very fortunate that my wife and kids support my career. It is always nice when they stop by the office or draw a picture of a real estate sign for me. If they did not support me I know that I would not be the agent that I am today.

    I truly love this coastal community, after 20 years in this business I am still excited to see homes I have listed and sold as well as support the new neighborhoods and schools that we have. There is a lot to offer in this community that may not the biggest in size but it is packed with the right qualities t